CABEZA de VACA is a self-taught artisan who was raised in a family of architects, has worked in California as a chef, pastry chef, interior designer, set-builder, home-builder as well as a production designer in Hollywood. He founded Exodus Productions, a production company that specialized in big events, such as the Governors Ball, the Super Bowl, and a variety of World Premiers. CABEZA de VACA apprenticed with world-renowned, Southern California muralist, Paul David Willner. After which, he embarked on his own painting career. His pieces hang on the walls of hundreds of noted private collectors, and has appeared in Sunset Magazine, Coast Magazine and Elysian Fields Quarterly. He is the current CEO of Cadiz Collaboration, the founder of Savage Noble Gallery collaboration, and a former lead-off hitter, centerfielder and pitcher. He is always looking to get on base.

“Art is about the individual experience of creation and the disappearance of the individual self into that action; creating a thing to the point where the individual becomes the thing itself. My pursuit of this was a result of my unique training and experiences and circumstances of my existence. It is one of the ways that I have found to best serve the whole. The result is for everyone else to determine the meaning; for their own benefit.”

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